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Researchers study data.

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Participants receive insights.

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Researchers share their discoveries.

Our Studies

Psychedelic Data Society
Help investigate the potential impact of ketamine-assisted psychotherapy (KAP) on psychological well-being in a real world setting. Join our study and impact its use as a treatment option for mental health conditions.
Beckley Foundation

Meditation & Microdosing

This ground-breaking international study,  co-led by Amanda Feilding, will explore the effects of regular microdosing on meditation practice and the evolution of meditation skills over time
Psychedelic Data Society

Quantified Psychedelic Trips

Quantified Psychedelic Trips provides a platform to record a collection of experiences of people being under the recent influence of psychedelics.
Psychedelic Data Society

KAP Practitioners

This large-scale, clinician-led, observational study will primarily examine the impact of Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) on mental health outcomes in individuals with a range of mental health disorders.
Maastricht University

Personality and

Drug Use

We will assess data for relationships between current personality profiles and the history of substance use while comparing experienced substance users with naive ones. Additionally, we will also look at changes in personality over time and how these changes relate to reports on substance consumption.
University of Texas at Austin

Psychedelics and Wellness Synergy

The Psychedelics and Wellness Synergy (PAWS-30) study aims to explore the efficacy of an integrative, prescriptive, and trackable participant-managed wellness intervention program performed by individuals who have personally utilized a psychedelic substance within the previous two weeks prior to enrolling in the study.
Beckley Foundation

Pain & Microdosing

Does psychedelic use contribute to reductions in chronic pain? This study will track pain symptoms and psychedelics use during a 3-month period using innovative mobile apps.

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